Houston, Texas mom of two, Anne Marie Chavez is the proud winner of the PADF Adventure Challenge!

Anne Marie submitted a photo of her 2 1/2-year-old daughter puddle jumping in pajamas to this week's PADF Challenge on the Photosanity Peer-to-Peer Facebook group. Lifetime membership in the group is open to all members of the Photosanity community who have purchased workshops.

For Anne Marie, who took the 12 week Photosanity Workshop, participation in the Photosanity community has given her new ways to capture the moments with her daughter and seven-week-old son.

We asked Anne Marie about her experience with Photosanity and how she captured the moment with her daughter in her winning photo.

Prior to Photosanity, what was your biggest photo frustration?

I was shooting in auto and relying on the flash for a majority of my pics which produced harsh and unflattering photos that I felt were not capturing the essence of my child

What photos are you most proud of?

Although probably not my "best" photos, I think I am most proud of the pics I took of my new son in the hospital after he was born - I compare them to those I have from the hospital after my daughter's birth and wow, what a difference. I wish I had known about the Photosanity course before her birth!

About the winning photo...

Why is this photo special to you?

I love that it captures my daughter in an everyday (at least when it rains) activity that she loves. Her delight in such a simple thing like puddles reminds me to find the joy in the little things.

Do the PADF challenges encourage you to photograph more or help you to think about your photography in a new way?

This was my first challenge, but I think it will help my creativity and also help keep me shooting on a regular basis.

How Anne captured the moment...

Camera: Nikon D80

Lens: 50mm 1.8 lens

Settings: f 3.2, ss 1/320, ISO 200