Summer is here! Well, I guess officially we still have a few more weeks, but somehow here in New York the summer weather switch seems to get magically flipped on Memorial Day weekend and we've already had a few humid days that have made me wonder why it was I was looking forward to summer all this time!

Humidity aside, summer is definitely my favorite season. I'm a park and beach kind of person and having kids has given me even more of a reason to get out and make the most of the season.

Summer is also when most people take the most photos, so today we are going to kick off a series of fun blog posts with summer photo tips.

So today I'm going to talk about my top 5 iPhone apps for Photosanity:

1) Snapseed:
I never share an iPhone photo without editing it and the first thing I do is run it through Snapseed. I love the drama filter and under "tune image" you can also adjust things like brightness, contrast and white balance.

2) Camera+:
I usually then export my photo to Camera+ to add a border and apply a filter. The great thing about Camera+ filters, or effects as they are called, is that you can adjust the intensity and it's also really easy to layer them.

3) Facebook:
I know, you wouldn't think of Facebook as a photo app but in my book it is essential to my Photosanity! I know it's not for everyone, but I love to use Facebook for sharing photos with family and friends.

Yes, there are many other platforms for sharing photos but I've found Facebook to be the easiest way for me to reach the most people in my world. Facebook even has some built in photo editing tools although I haven't really played around with those yet.

4) Dropbox:
Again, you might not think of Dropbox as a photo app, and it is definitely so much more because it syncs and shares your files across multiple platforms (desktop, laptop, phone) and with other people - I use Dropbox to collect prep-work and homework from all my coaching clients. But it's also a really great photo sharing app, particularly if you activate the "Camera Upload" setting. Turn this on and your phone will automatically upload your photos to a Dropbox folder, which you can then share.

This is a great alternative to Photo Stream for getting all your iPhone photos onto your computer automatically, or for automatically sharing your camera roll with your spouse or family members, as I do with my sister who loves to see as many photos of Liam and Jack as possible.

It's also a convenient way to get photos from your computer to your phone for easy viewing on the go.

Sign up with my Dropbox referral link and get 500MB of bonus space free.

5) ShutterCal: I would never have been able to keep up my photo-a-day project for over 4 years were it not for the fact that I can upload photos straight from my phone, and the ShutterCal iphone app makes it easy to do. Even if you don't have an iphone, you can still upload photos through the ShutterCal website via your phone's browser.

The new Photosanity + Shuttercal bundles make it even easier for you to succeed with your photo-a-day project and to enjoy the moments you capture. Photosanity + ShutterCal bundles come with the Photosanity Photo-a-Day Guide - a PDF chock full of tips and suggestions for how to make your project easy and fun - and membership in the Photosanity Peer-to-Peer Facebook Group to connect with fellow Photosanity parents.

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