Kiwi Crate is an awesome monthly service for kids aged 3 - 7 where each month you get a box filled with art supplies and instructions for a couple of projects, along with ideas for further exploration.

We've been doing it for over a year now and I have been THRILLED with it!

The projects are imaginative, inventive and relatively easy to put together. What you get in each box has way exceeded my expectations. You don't just get raw materials that you could buy in a store - you also get custom designed pieces for your project.

It's perfect for the busy parent that doesn't have the time to come up with and put these ideas together themselves, which I have to admit includes me even though I went to art school and have taught toddler-parent art classes!

Basically, Kiwi Crate does the work for you and you still get the fun of the results, just for sitting with your child for a few moments and helping them follow a few simple instructions!

And this month's project was one of the best yet.

This bird costume did not sound particularly remarkable out of the box, but I loved seeing Liam's focused concentration as he figured out how to stick the feathers to the mask and get them all on there. And I have to admit I did pat myself on the back for patiently holding the wings and allowing him to do the lacing with the elastic for them himself.

But when we were finally ready for him to put the wings on... oh my goodness, RIDICULOUSLY CUTE! Like, why did I not realize that putting wings on my four year old son would be the best thing ever?!

Add the mask, and the picture was complete. Actually, the last time Liam made a mask, he refused to wear it, so I was worried that would be the case here. He looked skeptical, but he's completely obsessed with Superheroes these days so I called on... Hawk Boy! And he was totally sold.

Talk about more fully experiencing the precious fleeting moments of your children's lives... this was probably the best, most fun, most rewarding half hour of my week.

Thank you Kiwi Crate!

If you have kids aged 3 - 7, check it out and use my referral link to get $10 off your first box!

PS You can also add extra materials to your crate for siblings for a much smaller fee than paying double, which could also be great for close by cousins or best friends.