Last week I had the pleasure of thinking about photographing children from the perspective of expectant parents at my workshop at Park Slope Eye, presented by A Child Grows in Brooklyn.

In delivering the workshop I was reminded of all of the excitement and anticipation that accompany preparing for baby and of the beauty of the first few weeks and months of parenthood.

When you are living it, especially in those early days at home, everyone tells you to enjoy each moment and that they go by so quickly, but it's hard to appreciate that in the haze of feedings, sleep deprivation and a messy house. But it is all too true - those moments do pass in a blink of an eye.

That is one of the reasons I designed last week's workshop - to help expectant parents understand photography as a tool for helping to capture and engage in the moments with their new babies. In the workshop, I was able to share some of my favorite photos of my sons from when they were newborns and to remember, again, just how precious those moments are.

On June 2, I will have the privilege of meeting even more expectant and new moms and dads at the Brooklyn Baby Expo

I can't wait to meet new parents and to share ideas, stories and the lessons I have learned with them - and with all of you!