The thing about Liam is that he absolutely adores Jack. He makes declarations like "I love him and like him!" and "He is cool and mool!" If Liam is having a meltdown and is feeling "so so so so so so sad" I ask him to think of something happy. "What's something happy?" I ask him and he says "Littles" without hesitation, every single time. The first time I asked and got that answer, it blew me away.

Jack is everything to Liam. But it's easy to forget that when you feel like you spend 90% of your time breaking up fights. But the fights are because Liam loves Jack and wants to be all over him the whole time¦ and Jack fights back because sometimes a 16 month old just wants some space!

I have to admire Jack's fighting spirit actually. He defends himself pretty well and is clear on his boundaries. He holds his own against Liam and when he's angry, he juts out his bottom jaw and makes his feelings known.

He's also very loving and generous too. If he knows you're sad, he'll come over and pat you gently, or lay his head on you. When Liam lies down and invites him to snuggle, he invariably will go over and give him a hug. He'll often surprise you by passing you things that you need without you even asking.

I photograph my kids daily, usually with my iphone, and upload my favorite photo of each of them to my photo-a-day calendar (one for Liam and one for Jack).

I try not to simply upload my best photo, but instead look for the photo that captures the moment I most want to remember about the day. And so I look for those moments and it helps me to see things I might otherwise miss.

Like Liam's confident strut as he walks down the street after preschool. (I gave him that confidence. I did that.)

Like how much Jack means to him. (I did that too.)

And also how much Jack's life revolves around Liam - in a good way. (Yup, that was me.)

These two are everything to me and, I hope, everything to each other. They are each my gift to the other, and can give each other things I never will be able to. When I capture a moment like this, it takes my breath away.

This moment here, this split second, captured for eternity in my soul as well as in a photo - this is my why, my heart, my everything. I've never taken these moments, or my opportunity to experience and capture them, for granted, and I never will.

Love wins.