I know how hard it can be as a parent to get away for an evening to do something for yourself like... attend a photography workshop, even if ultimately what you're learning about is something that will benefit your entire family. You have to leave work on time and/or rely on your spouse getting home on time, or you have to line up a sitter and hope the kids will cooperate at bedtime in your absence!

So I am especially grateful to the wonderful group of parents who gathered at Bija Kids on Wednesday night for my workshop, "Stop missing the moment: an introduction to Photosanity" presented by A Child Grows in Brooklyn.

Thank you to all of you for coming - it was a privilege to spend some time with you listening to your photo frustrations, giving tips and strategies, and answering all of your fantastic questions. I look forward to hearing how it goes with the "getting out of auto" cheat sheet I handed out - don't forget to submit your homework!

If you're an NYC parent interested in attending a workshop, I'm giving another one on May 7th - it's targeted to expectant parents but current parents are absolutely welcome.

And of course, I'm also going to be at Brooklyn BabyFEST tomorrow

I'll be there with my amazing friends and collaborators from ShutterCal - it's a great excuse to hang out in Williamsburg so stop by and say hello and be the first to hear about the new Photosanity + ShutterCal Bundle that we are launching at the event!