As I finish preparations for my workshop at Bija Kids in Clinton Hill this Wednesday evening, I am reminded of how many chances we have to celebrate our kids' extraordinary moments every day.

When I first started talking about the upcoming workshop with A Child Grows in Brooklyn, who is presenting the event at Bija Kids, I thought about how much I enjoy meeting fellow Brooklyn parents at in person events. But what means even more to me is hearing from those parents about their goals, frustrations and joys in capturing the moments that make every day with their kids special.

And I get to help them - to help parents enjoy the fleeting moments of their children's lives in a way that is creative and fun.

Take some time this Wednesday evening and join me for my workshop, Stop Missing the Moment: An Introduction to Photosanity. We will have much to celebrate together.

Wednesday, April 24
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Bija Kids in Clinton Hill
900 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238

$25 per ticket or $40 for two (bring your spouse or a friend!)

Experience highlights: before, during & after the workshop

  • Online worksheet to kick off your experience and get you ready to get the most out of the workshop.
  • Access to Photosanity expert advice before the workshop.
  • Live workshop and Q+A Session with real tools and tips for taking better photos of your family.
  • Custom tailored homework assignment helps you apply your new skills.
  • Post your assignment on the Photosanity Facebook Page for a chance to win feedback... and bonuses!

Don't waste another minute feeling guilty and sad about the moments you're missing. Become the amazing photo-taking, memory-making machine you know you can be - and build even better memories with your kids at the same time!

Ticket purchasing closes on April 24, at noon, to give you time to complete the pre-event worksheet and get the most out of the presentation, specially tailored for you.