It was such a pleasure to present my Photosanity workshop Stop Missing the Moment, at The Co-Op School in Brooklyn as a fundraiser for the school community.

This week, I was happy to receive emails from some of the workshop participants who had this to say about Photosanity and what they learned...

"What I especially liked about the Photosanity workshop is Alethea's approach of giving out just a few key tips because it's hard to remember a lot of technical information, especially when you're trying to capture a moving child. I also liked her idea of making photography something that adds to, rather than detracts from, spending time with your children."
- Yueh-ru C

"Alethea was well-prepared, articulate, compassionate, knowledgeable and non-judgemental. She gave us both her philosophy and mind-set about picture taking and offered some useful tips that could be implemented right away. Her suggestions have already had a positive impact on the photos I've been snapping on my iphone!"
- Lisa W

It means so much to hear that my workshops are making a difference in the lives of parents - and that they are helping them to enjoy and participate in the everyday moments that make time with our kids so special.

I will be holding another workshop on Wednesday, April 24, presented by A Child Grows in Brooklyn at Bija Kids. Hope to see you Brooklyn parents there!

And if you're interested in hosting a Photosanity workshop at your child's school as a fundraiser, let me know!