Last time, I talked about a really easy way to create albums from your facebook photos and before that, I talked about my photo-a-day project and one year canvas.

Today, I have a final year long project to share with you that is the easiest one of all to complete, especially if you have it in the back of your mind all year.

The annual family photo calendar.

Does a photo a day seem daunting? How about a photo a month?!

I KNOW you can do that, and that, at it's simplest, is what a photo calendar can be.

Choose your best photo from each month and make it a page in your photo calendar for next year. It's like a built in time capsule - pick the photo that most represents the month, knowing that a year from now you'll have a whole month to enjoy it.

Put your calendar on your fridge and your kids will love to see the photo for each month as well.

Of course, you can use layouts that allow you to include more than one photo for the month.

And if you have an extended family like I do, you can include photos of all of them throughout the year and give each family a copy for the new year. It's a great family tradition to start that will quickly become legendary and it's fun to know that everyone is looking at the same photo each month.

In this case, though, it's not necessarily about choosing your "best" photos.

Choose the photos that best capture the shared experiences of your family.

As always, knowing the end product that you have in mind ahead of time can help you make sure you get the shots you want for it.

In fact, even my nephews and nieces now will tell me when they think there's a great photo for the calendar in the making!

I use Apple's calendars because they have the largest format, and I've been using them consistently since before I became a mom or a photographer.

(Note - these can only be made in iPhoto. It's the only thing I use iPhoto for these days!)

Similar to making a book, you can choose different themes and layouts.

Mpix also has a variety of calendars as does Pinhole Press and of course many other companies too.

You can also choose from desk calendars, magnetic calendars or notepads by week or month, or even day planners.

If this sounds like a project you and your family would enjoy, DECIDE NOW TO DO IT!

1. Make a folder or album in your photo software called "2014 Calendar" and start collecting potential images from January and February in there.

2. Keep your calendar in mind as you take photos. What is it about this month in particular that you want to capture? Is it the weather, a birthday or special event, a trip you have planned?

3. Come December, you'll want to take your December photo early (or use a photo from this past December instead) and then get your calendar ordered in time to get it for the new year. Lead times vary but put "order photo calendar" on your schedule now for December 10th. Go on, do it!