Last minute shopping?

As we announced on Monday, we have a special gift for you to thank you for a wonderful year, and to help you prepare for 2014... or to give to spouses and in-laws to help them shop for you!

That's right, we are offering a 20% discount, good on all Photosanity online workshops until December 24th, 2013 (note, gift orders must be placed by Dec 23rd to receive the digital gift card on the 24th).

To help you decide what to purchase, we're running three short blog posts this week, each featuring a Photosanity workshop. On Monday we talked about Stop Missing the Moment, on Wednesday we talked about The Photosanity Workshop and today we are covering the Aperture and Lightroom Workshops.

The Aperture and Lightroom Workshops

If you've taken The Photosanity Workshop but are looking to step it up for organization and editing, then these workshops are you. Or perhaps your biggest hurdle to taking more photos right now is organization and you want to tackle this first before taking The Photosanity Workshop.

Either way, if you are not already using Aperture or Lightroom, you'll want to choose one or the other and then purchase the workshop to go with it.

Both workshops take you step by step through the features you most need to know to get started in either software (it can be really overwhelming to try to figure this out on your own), and, most exciting of all, we give you not only an entire workflow for how to manage your photos, but a template that you can load onto your computer and import photos into so they practically organize themselves! Photosanity parents have been using this system for almost a year now since these workshops first came out and have given very positive feedback (Note to this year's participants - templates for 2014 will be available before the end of the year!).


Let's get organized... or help a friend! Give the gift of photo organization to start the new year off right.

Not sure? Check out the three part blog post series from last year on why photo organization and editing is important.

Sounds like more than you want to start with? Check out the introductory Stop Missing the Moment Workshop. Want to know everything a busy parent needs to know about photographing their kids? Check out The Photosanity Workshop.