I am filled with gratitude and ready to celebrate the season! This week I shared photo gift ideas, a subway ride with Liam, and featured Photosanity mom Wendy Sayles' photo capturing fall splendor. Next week is looking even better, with a holiday photo card twitter chat with Mom365.

Capture the perfect photo for this year's holiday card

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Tuesday, November 12
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Chat with me live on twitter about how to capture the perfect photo for this year's holiday card. Share your biggest challenges in creating a holiday card and let's get motivated and inspired for this year's card.

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Gratitude - photographing my kids is my way of giving thanks

For me, photography - in particular photographing my kids - is one giant exercise in gratitude.

As a mom of two young boys, I find that it can be easy at the end of the day to beat ourselves up about what didn't go well.

We are very hard on ourselves - harder probably than any judgmental mom at the playground we might roll our eyes over...

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Small Kid Big City - NYC Subway

Liam loves riding the subway – to him it’s at least as fun as the destination itself. He has a favorite train (the A train) and knows most of the lines and where they go.

While I don’t recommend trying to photograph your child on public transportation during a crowded rush hour, if you have a little space, subway car lighting can actually be surprisingly flattering...

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Wendy captures fall splendor and reconnects with her niece

Wendy Sayles and her family recently relocated from Brooklyn to Larchmont, in lower Westchester, New York, a few weeks ago. Wendy joined the Photosanity community in May 2013 and takes one-on-one coaching.

She enjoys photographing her sons, ages 2 and almost 5.

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Photo gifts for the whole family

See my top 5 photo gifts on Mom365.

If you're using photos of your own kids, think about gifts you can create for spouses, grandparents, and your kids themselves.

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Should you delete your photos?

What is your photo personality?

Are you a hoarder or a purger?

And what works best for getting control over your photos?

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