Wendy Sayles and her family recently relocated from Brooklyn to Larchmont, in lower Westchester, New York, a few weeks ago. Wendy joined the Photosanity community in May 2013 and takes one-on-one coaching. She enjoys photographing her sons, ages 2 and almost 5.

Prior to Photosanity, what was your biggest photo frustration?

Just capturing my family in the moment and getting away from the posed photos has been my biggest photo challenge.

What photo moment brings you the most pride?

I've been struggling to take a good photo of both of my boys together, and I was finally able to capture one this summer. They were playing in the afternoon light on summer vacation and I snapped a ton of pictures and got a great one of them together!

Photosanity has gotten me to take more pictures in general, so I took a ton this summer... and that one came out a keeper.

About the winning photo...

Why is this photo special to you?

This was the first time my sister and her family came to visit us in our new house. They live in Brooklyn and I am missing them terribly! Daisy (my niece) is only 2 days older than my younger son (we had the same due date!). She was playing with leaves and showing them to me and she just looked too cute.

Do you plan to do something special with this photo?

I edited this photo specifically to give to my sister. My mom is an amateur photographer and is always giving us tons of photos of my family, so I guess now I've officially become my mother.

Do the PADF challenges encourage you with your photography?

Yes, they remind me to actually get my camera (or phone) out and just shoot. Sometimes they make me go through recent photos I've taken and look at them in a new light, too.

How Wendy captured the moment...

Lens: 50mm 1.4
Settings: Aperture priority mode. I opened up the f stop to 3.5 and set the ISO to 400.

I tried to focus on her eyes, though I think her nose might be more in focus. This is something I'm working on (to make sure the eyes are in focus as opposed to an ear or the hair). I cropped a little on her left side as she was centered in the original photo. And I edited in Aperture (increased the black point and saturation) and touched up some mess around her nose.

The Aperture Workshop is actually next on my list as I don't yet feel confident in my editing abilities.

About the photo challenge

The Photosanity PADF (Photo-a-Day Friday) Challenge takes place weekly in the Photosanity Peer-to-Peer Facebook Group. Each Friday a photo theme is set and photos are due the following week. Detailed feedback is given on three selected photos and a winner is chosen.

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