I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and that the holiday season is off to a fun-filled start. At Photosanity this week, we were all about holiday fun and holiday card preparation.

Sending out encouragement to those of you that are well on your way to beautiful holiday cards and to all who haven't started yet. Remember, it's not too late to capture the moment and send out cards that are as fun to create as they are to receive.

So, how are you doing with your holiday photo card?

We kicked off the week by breaking down the holiday card preparation process...

1. Make a decision today about whether you are going to send holiday photo cards this year. As alternatives - you can always send a customized card with no photo, a non-customized card, or wait and send a New Year's or Valentine's Day Card.

If you do want to send a holiday photo card:

2. Make a decision about whether you are going to choose express shipping to buy yourself some extra time to create your card.

3. Make a decision about whether you are going to take photos especially for the card or use photos you already have.

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Holiday Photo Card Advice, Shared Among Friends

Over on Mom365 we shared some of the lessons learned from last week's twitter chat, talking about everything from whether or not to do the traditional Santa photo to the importance of moms getting in the photo to what holiday photo card vendors help you create your perfect holiday photo card.

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Heather Maloy captures the moment in her endearing holiday card

We celebrated Heather Maloy and her winning holiday photo card!

Heather, who is currently taking the Photosanity Workshop, shares her photography transformation, holiday photo card tips and how her photography has developed since moving earlier this year from NYC and welcoming her now five-and-a-half month old daughter. Heather shared with us how she captured an unexpected moment for her holiday card this year and how the Photosanity Holiday Card Workbook made the process easy, fun, and most of all, fast!

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