Welcome to November! Here's hoping you all had a great Halloween and you are ready for another month of excitement and traditions with your family.

Mom Jennifer Quinn DeMarco shares what Photosanity means to her

I was so happy to hear Jennifer's thoughts on what Photosanity means to her.

She shared her story with the Photosanity community after winning her third photo challenge!

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Small Kid Big City - Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Get photo tips for capturing the moment in one of my favorite places in Brooklyn.

And remember to check out a botanic gardens or local park near you while we still have some autumn beauty to enjoy.

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Halloween Celebrations

We had a great time celebrating Halloween in my family and I hope all of you did too.

See some Halloween photos and photo taking tips - appropriate for many holidays - in my post over on Mom365.

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Stay in the moment!

It's more important now than ever as we move into the holiday season to remind ourselves to stay in the moment with our kids.

See how you can use the camera to stay in the moment.

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