Photosanity parent Jennifer Quinn DeMarco is the winner of the "you" photo challenge.

Now a three time photo challenge winner, Jennifer generously shares her reflection on what Photosanity means to her and the role that photography plays in her life.

Many thanks to Jennifer for sharing her story and to all of you who participate in our weekly challenges and in the Photosanity community.

What the Photosanity experience means to me - Jennifer Quinn DeMarco

When I signed up for Photosanity, I didn't expect to become a good photographer. In fact, I didn't even anticipate the desire to be a photographer at all. Did I just call myself a photographer? That's the first time I've referred to myself with that noble title and I'm only trying it on for size.

Hi, my name is Jen and I am a photographer. I don't know, it still sounds a bit presumptuous.

What surprised me most is the impact that photography, Photosanity in particular, has had on my life. I have never really been able to pinpoint a particular hobby. I mean, I'm a self motivator and I've always been passionate about the things I do and believe, so I've always felt accomplished and fulfilled. But when asked to list my interests, I often drew a blank. Until children!

I love everything about my children. I love their abounding energy; their passion for the simplest things in life; their creativity; their sense of humor. I love their sense of wonder. Yes, even the unending questions...most of the time. I love their propensity for adventure and their lack of inhibitions. I love their genuineness; their smiles and their laughter.

I love their innocence; the way their eyes twinkle in the sunlight; the way the sunlight shines on their fine golden locks. I love their relationship with each other, the way they lose themselves in each other. I love rediscovering these things in myself when I am with them.

And I love capturing all of it on camera so that I can inhale it over and over again. I indulge in my photos to reflect on our most magical days. I turn to my photos to lift my spirits after a challenging moment. I share my photos with others because I am proud to celebrate the greatest accomplishment of my life: my two precious little boys. I share my photos so that family and friends, near and far, can feel the palpable love and goodness that is my children.

Photosanity creates a community of moms who, like me, experience more of their children through photography. Photosanity takes something that can feel frustrating, if not overwhelming, and transforms it into something manageable and joyful.

So, sure, it is a self appointed title, and a personal hobby, not a professional service I provide to others, but I am a photographer. Thank you, Alethea and Photosanity.

About the photo challenge

The Photosanity PADF (Photo-a-Day Friday) Challenge takes place weekly in the Photosanity Peer-to-Peer Facebook Group. Each Friday a photo theme is set and photos are due the following week. Detailed feedback is given on three selected photos and a winner is chosen.

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