I love the way Jack smiles with his entire face. His face can light up in a second and at that moment he looks like the happiest kid in the entire world.

Of course, as a mom, it is very special when I'm the one he is smiling at, and I have many precious photos of exactly that, but a few weeks when we went backyard camping up in Connecticut, his eight-year-old cousin was the one making him light up. He was laughing and giggling with her and this photo is probably one of twenty I could have shared.

I also captured one moment when he looked over at me, still smiling broadly. You would think THAT would have been the photo I most wanted to share... and it almost was. Natural eye contact and smiles are gold, right?

Except that this photo drew me more. This photo is more true to the moment and what I most want to remember - him smiling at her. That we are surrounded by extended family, that my boys are growing up with their cousins, that they have such a great time hanging out with them - that is what that moment was about. That is what this photo represents, even if that meaning is not explicit in the photo itself.

What I see in this photo is love - for someone else. And I couldn't be more thrilled!