Happy New 2013!!!

I have to say that I love the new year. Though some may say it's somewhat arbitrary, I love the idea of a fresh start, of new beginnings, a clean slate. It's a good opportunity to put the past behind you and to do something that I think is good practice any time of the year which is to "start with now".

Last year, Keith and I didn't even make it until midnight… but then, Jack was only two weeks old so I'd like to think we were simply being smart!

This year, our plans were only slightly more glamourous - stay up until midnight and split a bottle of champagne.

Well, we achieved both goals, and Keith surprised me with a beautiful box of chocolates as well. It was a great way to ring in the new year and then, the next morning as I was waking up, my "word" for the year came to me:



I read about the "word" concept a few years ago and I think I've tried it a few times but could never remember the word I picked! The idea is that instead of making a long list of resolutions that you'll never keep, you pick a word for the year, a theme of sorts.

So this year I'm making it official. If it's in an image, I'm more likely to remember it, and if I announce it here, I will definitely remember it, right?!


For me that means doing more than surviving. Doing more than getting by. It means growing and gaining and progressing and flourishing. It means the whole being more than the sum of the parts. It means everything compounding together to create something greater. It means momentum.

This year my goal is to thrive, in my personal life and my business. I want my relationships to thrive. I want my family to thrive. I want Liam and Jack to thrive. I want my friendships to thrive. And I want all my clients, customers, subscribers and anyone who I can reach and help to thrive as well. I want the communities I'm in to thrive. I want my neighborhood and my city to thrive. I want us all to thrive.


Like so many things, I believe that I can choose to thrive right now. I AM thriving.

But I also want each decision I make, each goal I set, each move I make, to be made with the intention of helping myself and others thrive.

With that in mind, I'm going to be kicking off the year on the blog with a series of weekly posts about EASY year long photo projects that you can start now that will make YOU feel that you are thriving as your family's photographer right away.

And don't worry, "year long" doesn't mean that they are time intensive and all consuming. Each project is simply an approach to documenting a year of your family's life just by setting up some quick systems and habits.

But first, I want to hear from you:

What three photography projects or goals would you like to set for yourself for this year that would make you feel like you were thriving?

And, I have something really fun I'm going to try out.

Fill out the short survey below by Friday January 11th and you will receive the first of twelve custom designed Photosanitiy postcards that I am creating exclusively for you!

Yes, each month this year I'll have a theme, and I'll be starting out that theme with a survey and a new postcard for all those who respond.

Yes, that's right, snail mail!

Intrigued? Fill out the quick survey below and get something fun in the mail for a change! And if you're not already on my mailing list, you will also be signed up to receive FREE updates with exclusive offers and reminders about new blog posts and videos where I share a ton of tips, secrets and inspiration for taking better photos of your kids.

Not sure what goals to set? Here are mine:

1) Photo-a-day project. a) Get completely up to date with my photo-a-day project and stay up to date on a month by month basis going forward. b) Create my one year canvas for Jack and hang both Liam's and Jack's canvases side by side in the living room. c) Create an 8x8 book for each year of photos for each child.

2) Make a first year album for both Liam and Jack.

3) Create a new wall gallery featuring Jack.

Now it's your turn - just writing your goals down is the first step towards accomplishing them and will make you feel better!