For those of you that are using Aperture, or are thinking about it, I have some really exciting news for you.

At the last minute, I ended up adding a really valuable bonus to the workshop, one that, quite honestly, had I thought of including from the start, I would definitely have increased the price of the workshop!

I was almost going to offer it to the Aperture workshop participants at an extra cost… but I just didn't feel right doing so, as I really felt that EVERYONE in the workshop should have it.

So I decided just to include it.

And it is:

The Photosanity Aperture Library Template!

I know, what on earth is that?

Well, it's a blank Aperture Library that you can open in Aperture and use as a starting point for your photo organization system for 2013.

In it, you will find folders already created for each month in 2013, along with special smart albums and a whole new system I've developed to help you not only rate your photos, but select the ones you want to edit, and keep track of those that you already have edited.

The system enables you to easily view all the photos for a particular month that have already been edited, or that still need to be edited.

You can also view your "to edit" and "edited" photos for the entire year - perfect when you want to see exactly what photos you still need to edit, or to access your best, edited photos when you need a few to, for example, print and send to your great aunt who isn't on facebook.

It's clear, it's simple… and quite honestly, I can't wait to apply it to my own organization system and workflow!

Basically I took what I've been doing for years and SIMPLIFIED and AUTOMATED it, and then set it up for the entire year. I originally designed it for workshop participants... but was delighted to realize it would actually be an improvement for me too!

If you're new to Aperture, this will get you started on the right track and save you tons of time and confusion.

If you're already using Aperture, you can either start from scratch in a new library for 2013, or you can import the library template into your existing library and use the new system going forward.

Either way, you can also replicate the system for past and future years.

Interested? It's not too late to sign up for the workshop and get this template. Just sign up here.

Last week's call was recorded and, because I wanted to take the necessary time to go over the template and how to use it, we actually did not get through all the content.

Instead, I have also added a second live online class this coming Tuesday January 22nd at 9pm EST where we will be focusing on editing… and of course this call will also be recorded. And the facebook group where you can post questions and the two workshop assignments for feedback will remain active up until February 15th so you have plenty of time to catch up.

Quite honestly, the template itself, and the hours and angst it will save you are worth the price of admission alone!

If you've been struggling with photo organization... this could be what you need to not only get you organized and editing but, with a good system in place to handle your photos, you will also be motivated to take more photos as well!

See what current participants are saying about it in the facebook group (used with permission):

Once again, it's not too late to sign up for the workshop and get this template. Just sign up here.

PS I am working with photosanity mentor Lauren Nygard, our Lightroom expert, to see if we can create something similar for the Lightroom workshop that starts Jan 29th… stay tuned!