I'm going to talk a little bit about the Quickstart your Photosanity Homework Contest, but first I just want to mention that today is the last day to sign up to to get the FREE Quickstart your Photosanity recording.

If you haven't signed up for the FREE Quickstart your Photosanity recording, your last chance is today!

Today is also the last day you can sign up for Photosanity Fall 2012 - get more information by signing up for Quickstart or going to the recording page if you are already signed up.

IMPORTANT: the Quickstart recording itself is only going to be available online until Monday morning at 8am EDT, so if you haven't had a chance to view it yet, make some time this weekend!

The homework contest was so much fun. I announced the winners on the Photosanity facebook page on Monday but I wanted to announce them here too.

Nicole Walker won the complimentary spot in the Photosanity Fall 2012 workshop with this photo:

Remember, this wasn't a "best photo" contest, but I awarded the prize based on who I thought would most benefit.

In Photosanity, this is what we call an "emotionally vs technically good" photo. I love the moment Nicole captured here between the siblings, and she had a good idea using the rug as a textured but not too distracting background. Nicole, we'll help you find better light and work with your settings, but congratulations for getting out of auto and not asking your kids to say cheese!

Christina Vice won the complimentary one-on-one coaching package with this photo:

Again, this wasn't a "best photo" contest and again, I awarded the prize based on who I thought would most benefit.

I love that Christina let her daughter play naturally instead of asking her to smile, but was still able to capture natural eye contact and a smile. Christina, I look forward to working with you to help you capture more natural moments.

View all the entries here and I'll be featuring those that I wasn't able to feature earlier in the week on the Photosanity facebook page throughout the day.

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