One of the things I'm hearing more and more from parents is how the organization of their photos, or more accurately, the lack of organization, is actually keeping them from moving forwards with taking better photos.

This makes a lot of sense. How can you feel excited about taking better photos if the very process of downloading them to your computer and figuring out what to do with them fills you with, as one parent recently confessed to me, DREAD.

Last week I talked about getting unstuck by STARTING WITH NOW and the same applies to your photo organization system.

Don't get caught up with the backlog of photos that are in chaos.

Set up a system that will allow you to keep your photos organized going forward and when you're comfortable with maintaining that, then you can go back and slowly organize your old photos.


Read how I helped "One Hot Mama" author Erin Cox get unstuck with her photos, and motivated and inspired to set up an organization system so she can start taking more photos again.

Read Erin's blog post about her coaching session with me here.

PS Organization is one of the things I talked about last week during Quickstart your Photosanity, a FREE live online workshop. If you missed it, it's not too late to sign up for the recording - but it's only going to be available until this Friday.

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