One of the things I hear from parents a lot is that they are so "behind" in their photos that they've given up.

And so they don't do anything.

They don't take as many photos as they would like because their photos aren't organized. They don't have a system or room on their computer to even download them off their camera. And the thought of "catching up" on all their albums seems daunting and, at this point, completely impossible.

The DSLR you were so excited to buy and use is collecting dust in the corner, and weighing you down with guilt.

And your younger children wonder why the house is filled with photos or albums of your first born, but not of them.

You're stuck.

And the thing is, if you're stuck, the worst thing you can do is nothing.

Well, I guess doing nothing is the very definition of being stuck!

But the more you do nothing, the more you get stuck, and the harder it is to move again.

Years could easily go by while you are stuck. Years!

And yet there is a really simple solution that will get you instantly unstuck.


I hereby give you permission to forget the past, and forget about catching up - if you start out by trying to catch up, you'll never do it and you'll only get depressed trying.

Start with now, and view each day as a fresh start, and a new opportunity to "keep up." And once you've got a few days that turn into a few weeks of more or less keeping up each day, THEN you can go back and start to fill in the blanks. But always start with now, and the instant gratification of doing so will keep you motivated.

Here are some examples.

I do this with my photo-a-day project. If I fall behind with selecting, editing and uploading my photo for the day, I still always start with the photo for that day, and then if I have time I'll catch up with some other ones.

Or my albums. I'll be the first to confess that this is my weakest area in my own photosanity and if I started from the beginning and tried to catch up, I would probably give up entirely. Instead, I'm working on an mini-album for last month, and if I keep up monthly, then I'll start to go back and fill in.

What are you stuck with?

Another great way to get unstuck is to get some help, and join a community that will keep you motivated and inspired.

Want to find out what that might be like?

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