As you probably know if you know me at all, I love my iphone for many many reasons, but one of the big reasons is that it's a great camera that I can have with me at arm's reach at all times.

It's like a point-and-shoot camera with benefits.

As I've mentioned before though, there is a critical secret though to taking iphone photos and that is:

Edit your iphone photos before you share them!

Yes, that does add some extra work to the process of snapping and sharing, and if that's going to prevent you from sharing, then don't bother.

But I've found it well worth the couple of extra minutes it now takes me to edit my iphone photos so they have that extra pop... and are in some cases completely transformed from a boring iphone photo to a catching and evocative image that will get you tons of likes and comments on your facebook page!

Here are a few of my favorite examples. I usually apply the "Drama" filter in Snapseed and add some brightness before importing into Camera+ and applying an effect, fine tuning my cropping and adding a border. A slightly more stylized look than I would use for my DSLR photos works well, especially for iphone photos with low light.

And of course I cover a lot more apps and techniques in the Photosanity workshop.

Do this now

Today's mini-assignment will get you transforming your iphone (or other camera phone) photos from "blah" to "wow"!

  1. Look back over your recent photos and find one that you really like emotionally, but looks rather "blah".
  2. Pick an iphone or other camera phone app and play around with brightness, contrast and effects.
  3. When you like it, share it!
  4. Feel free to share your experience down below in the comments section or on the Photosanity facebook page.

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