A really common frustration I hear from parents about their photos is that they are always "missing the moment". This can be very demoralizing I know and it can be tempting to even give up trying.

Don't give up!

I like to say that, at least from the perspective of a parent photographer, the worst photo is the one you didn't take. A bad photo that reminds you of a special moment, even if you missed capturing the moment itself, is better than nothing.

However, one of the key secrets to not missing the moment is ANTICIPATING it. After all, if you wait until you see a special moment worth capturing before you go and get your camera out, turn it on and shoot, chances are you will miss it.

Instead, tune into your instincts as a parent and have your camera ready when you know something photo worthy is about to happen.

And then wait.

Don't ruin the moment by intervening and yelling "smile!"

It may not feel like it, but as a parent you have patience in spades, so use it to your advantage and more often than not, it will pay off.