Parents confess to me all the time that they rarely get their "fancy" camera out and they take most of their photos on their phone camera.

Well I'm here to tell you - that's ok!

I use my iphone camera all the time (and by that I mean several times a day) and I LOVE it! Nothing beats a phone camera for ease of use, the fact that it's generally at arm's reach all the time, and the way you can edit and share your photos pretty much instantaneously without even having to go near a computer.

I share WAY more of my iphone photos on facebook than I do my DSLR photos, and I'm a professional photographer! It's just a fact of life. I can edit and share a cute photo I took at the playground before I even get home.

As a busy mom, instant gratification and actually getting it done beats the obviously more impressive and higher quality photos I take on my DSLR. But then and again, as a mom, I'm a big believer in emotionally good vs. technically good photos, and it's what I teach throughout the workshop too.

(Of course, as a professional photographer, my work has to be emotionally good AND technically good!)

The biggest secret to taking good photos on your phone camera

Editing is key here. I never share an iphone photo without editing it quickly to increase the brightness and contrast (which is what most filters and effects in apps do as well as make other enhancements). Taking just a couple of minutes to do that will make a big difference in your photos. Try it and see!

Do this now

Today's mini-assignment will get you more confident about relying on your phone camera for day-to-day photos:

  1. If you don't already do so, carry your phone with you or have it at arm's reach at all times, even when you're at home. This may sound silly but I only wear clothing that has a pocket where I can keep my iphone!
  2. If you don't already do so, download a couple of cool photo apps and play around with some different editing features. For the iphone, I recommend Snapseed and Camera+. As I don't have a Droid or Blackberry, I don't have firsthand experience with their apps, but check out this recent review of Android camera apps on CNET. And here's a review of Blackberry camera apps on Huffpost Tech UK.
  3. Make a point of taking some phone camera photos next time you're spending some time with your kids, especially outdoors where you have better light.
  4. Choose your favorite photo and edit it with one or more of your new apps (I'll have more editing tips in future blog posts). Don't go crazy - just spend a couple of minutes playing around.
  5. Post your photo on facebook or wherever you like to share photos!

Share your experience in the comments below, or post your photo on our new Photosanity facebook page!

Recent iphone photos

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