Today we're going to do something a little different.

Many of you attended the Quickstart Your Photosanity workshop a couple of months ago, or were able to watch the recording afterwards, and some of you did the homework from the workshop and posted your photo on the Photosanity facebook page as part of the Homework Contest.

Well, I am finally doing the homework review!

And I'm going to do it in a video!

Check out today's video for a preview on what that is going to be like and make sure you watch until the end or scroll down below for information on how to get access to that video.

To get access to the BONUS Homework Review video, all I ask is that you fill out a quick survey about what your biggest photo frustrations are right now, what you would like to learn and how I can best help you overcome your frustrations.

Get access to the video by filling out the survey now!

Fill out the survey by Monday November 12th and you'll get the link on Monday.

Not only that, but if you didn't submit a photo for the homework contest but are interested in getting feedback, it's not to late.

To submit a photo for review, post it on the Photosanity Facebook page and mark it "for bonus video". Make sure you post it by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday November 9th, 2012).