I believe that EVERY parent can learn to take amazing photos of their kids.

Photos that have emotional meaning.

Photos that bring you back to the moment.

Photos that capture everything that you love about your kids right now.

You don't need innate talent.

You don't need a ton of knowledge.

But it's not for everyone.

Not everyone wants to take photos of their kids... and that is totally ok.

Not everyone wants to take BETTER photos of their kids either, and that is totally ok too.

Photosanity is not for everyone, but here is who I work best with:

1. Parents with small children, mostly moms.

I work best with parents of small children, elementary school age or younger, and I work mostly with moms, as I'm a mom with young kids myself and draw very much from that experience (but I've also enjoyed working with dads, grandparents and caregivers).

2. Parents who LOVE being a parent.

I work with best with parents who LOVE being a parent, which doesn't mean that they love every minute, or that they don't get frustrated or worn out from the daily grind, but at core, they love it, and find parenting to be the most exhilarating, amazing, exhausting yet rewarding and endlessly hilarious experience yet. Their kids make the smile and laugh on a daily basis and they love to share stories and photos of them - on facebook, shutterfly, a family blog, via e-mail or by whatever means - as a way of sharing their enjoyment and giving their children the connection and support that brings.

3. Parents who want to make the most out of every moment they have with their kids.

Whether working full time, or staying at home full time, I work best with parents who have a sense for how fleeting this time is, how precious the moments they have with their kids are, and how lucky they are to have those moments. They know that life is fragile, precarious and unpredictable and they want to soak up, savor and preserve every moment of it that they can.

4. Parents who want to capture the moment and everything they love about their kids right now.

Everyone loves a photo where their kids are smiling and looking at the camera, but I work best with parents who also want to capture natural interactions and emotions and everything that they love about their kids right now. They want a more full and rich documentation of their children's lives that shows them what they were like and how much they were loved.

5. Parents who are used to throwing themselves into something and doing it well, but need help with their photography.

I work best with parents who know what they want and are determined to achieve it. They are not afraid to ask questions and to ask for help, and are used to doing things well. They have always been interested in photography but have never fully or successfully pursued it before, and are overwhelmed by many aspects of the process, including organizing, editing and sharing.

I work best with parents are not looking for training on how to become a professional photographer (even if they ultimately do go pro, as a few Photosanity alumni have), but want to know how to get the most out of their experience photographing their kids. They are looking for creative and personal satisfaction as well as a better experience for their kids and amazing photo documentation that tells their children's happy life story for all to enjoy for years to come.

6. Parents who know they need help and are committed to getting it.

The parents I work best with don't have a lot of time so they are looking for help so they can make the most of the time they have. They know that they are not getting the results they want by themselves, but given the right guidance, they will take it and run with it, they will build momentum and they will be decisive, they will become passionate and committed… and they will be back for more.

Does this sound like you?

If so, I would love to have you join our free 7 day challenge.