One frustration I hear a lot from new moms is: "I feel like I keep taking the same photo of my four month old over and over again."

I know, it's hard at four months because, let's face it, they're still not really DOING a whole lot yet - pretty much all they can do is just lie there, looking adorable, of course, but there aren't a whole variety of poses that they can hold.

So, what can you do?

Here are ten ideas for different poses for your four month old.

1. The stroller

Let's face it, your four month old probably spends a lot of time in their stroller. I've taken a LOT of photos of both my kids in their stroller, and it can be fun when you can also capture the difference places you've taken them (even if it is the grocery store, the drug store, the bookstore etc.)

In the photo above, it was less about the environment (although you can tell it was at the park) and more about the light, the composition and the eye contact. Take advantage of the fact that your baby is stationary and can be moved to the best light (that's not going to last long!) and play around with shooting from different angles. Your baby is stationary but that doesn't mean you have to be as well!

(If you wear your baby a lot rather than using a stroller, you can take a lot of fun self-portraits of the two of you by using the well-known "outstretched arm" technique!)

2. The high chair

The high chair is another place your four month old will start spending a lot of time. I deliberately placed Jack's highchair closer to the window than where we had it for Liam, just to take advantage of better light! I also deliberately picked a photogenic high chair, but no matter what your high chair looks like, it's fun to capture emotions and expressions as your baby tries new foods, along with the inevitable mess. In this case, I just went for the expression of anticipation!

3. The swing

I love swing photos - the swing is another safe place that you can put your baby and snap away to your heart's content. Again, look for fun and different angles to shoot from!

4. Sitting propped up

This is one you've probably tried, but just because they're propped up doesn't mean it has to look as awkward as it sometimes does. Again, it's about getting creative with the angle you're shooting from. Getting at your baby's level is always a good way to get a more striking photo that captures your child's emerging personality.

5. The exersaucer

Ah, the exersaucer, that ugly, unwieldy device that we love to hate because, well, it's ugly and unwieldy and takes up so much room, and yet, it's another safe place to put our baby so that maybe we could actually do enjoy a few hands free moments in our home!

Usually, I'm all for minimizing distracting clutter in your photos as much as you can, but sometimes, well, the crazy colors and shapes and all the other toys that are EVERYWHERE are part of what life is right now and can be captured in a fun way.

6. The bumbo

I know I know, there's been a recall and you're not supposed to put the bumbo on a raised surface. We only ever put him on the table like this under very close supervision (within arm's reach at all times) but who could resist expression?! They look adorable, plus it's a great way to seat them for photos before they are actually sitting by themselves.

7. Lying down

This is the obvious one, but you can still get creative with the angle you're shooting from... or what you're capturing, in this case, some yummy toe snacking with a lovely textured blanket as the background. Use different toys and blankets as props, find different lighting, and play around with different angles.

8. At an angle

Speaking of angles, even just photographing your baby at an angle can make it more interesting, as in this photo (that also happens to be a lying down photo). The angle here adds compositional interest, allows you to see Jack's face better, and also shows some of the environment. (This photo was actually at three months but you get the idea.)

9. Tummy time

The classic! I love tummy time photos! It's one of the few ways your baby gets the opportunity to hold their head up unassisted and by four months, they are usually doing tummy time a little more happily than they might have been earlier. It's a great time for cute smiles and expressions.

10. Held by another adult

Finally, if your spouse or another adult is around, they can really help out by holding your baby up to be photographed. I do this a lot with my portrait clients, and it also worked great here in this photo of Jack being held up by my husband while his cousins played in the background.

I hope that helps!

If you try some of these ideas, please feel free to share your experience down below in the comments section or on the Photosanity facebook page. I'd love to see your photos!

Or if your child is older now, do you have a photo from when they were four months old that you felt worked really well? Share it with us!

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