One of the photo complaints I hear a lot from parents is about how, when they take their camera out (whether it's a smartphone, point-and-shoot or DSLR) their child becomes really interested in the camera, and it ruins the moment and their ability to capture it.

This could be anything from your baby who reaches up at you for the camera every time you have it out, to the toddler or child who wants to play with the camera or look at the screen.


Yes, plus it gets in the way of taking photos.

The answer is pretty simple - quench your child's camera curiosity by letting them look at it and play with it.

I know, you don't want them to break it, but I'm not suggesting you toss it at them and leave the room!

Under close supervision, even a baby can safely touch the screen and the buttons and look at some of the photos of themselves.

And for toddlers and children, I'll even let them press the shutter and "take" a photo (yes, even on my pro DSLR).

The key is to ALWAYS keep your camera secured to YOU so no one runs off with it without thinking!

(And if you have a nice camera, make sure your equipment is covered under your homeowner's or renter's insurance - always a good idea anyway.)

I've even had workshop participants have their two years olds take photos OF them!

It may take a while, but if your child gets used to the camera being out and it not being a forbidden object, they will eventually lose interest and stop reacting to it so much.

You can also get them their own camera, even as a preschooler, and make photography something fun you do together.

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