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What people are saying about the free 7 day challenge...

What people are saying about the free 7 day challenge...

Have you signed up for the next free 7 day challenge yet?

If you're not sure about signing up, here's what some of our past participants said they liked most about the challenge:

I like that it made me look for something specific and loved the interaction on FB with everyone... great seeing other people's pics and struggles. - Brigitte Hradsky

What makes Photosanity different?

What makes Photosanity different?

Last week I talked about using photography to connect with your kids and be more in the moment with them. Photographing your child can be a meaningful rather than a utilitarian endeavor. Your camera can change how you experience a moment, not just help you capture it.

Yet most photography courses take the opposite approach.

Why the Royal Baby's first photos are important for moms, never say cheese and more

Why the Royal Baby's first photos are important for moms, never say cheese and more

A photo lesson from Kate Middleton

I was so excited to find out that the first photos released of Princess Charlotte with her older brother Prince George were taken by none other than Princess Charlotte’s mother, the Duchess of Cambridge herself!

The reason Kate Middleton’s baby photos are exciting to me is because, as much as I believe in professional family photography (not to mention being a professional family photographer myself!) my first passion is encouraging and empowering parents to take their own photos of their kids.

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Travel back to the moment with natural smiles and photos that show real life

While I wouldn’t say that I have a photographic memory, I have a very strong visual memory. When I look at a photo, I can usually remember the moment and the context, even if the photo itself doesn’t offer many clues. The photo brings me back to the moment, which is one of the reasons why I don’t like to ask my kids to smile for the camera. That doesn’t create a moment I want to remember; in fact, it does the opposite.

One downside to this is that my kids have absolutely no idea how to smile nicely for the camera. This is most obvious in group photos with other kids. Everyone is smiling and looking at the camera except my kid who is either grimacing or distracted and looking elsewhere!

I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. My memories are more important than a smiling photo, and the smiling photos I have are all the more treasured for being natural.

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End of year photo gifts for teachers and sitters

End of year photo gifts for teachers and sitters

I can't believe some kids have finished the school year already! Here in NYC we have another month to go... time to start thinking about gifts for teachers, or, if your child is not yet in school, other childcare provider and caregiver gifts.

The trick is to remember that your child is just one of hundreds of children a teacher will teach over the course of their career, and they can't possibly hold onto every personalized mug or framed photo they might receive.

So here are three easy ways to thank your teacher for an awesome year through photos without giving them something that could ultimately be burdensome to keep:

1) Photo thank you card

You can't go wrong with a heartfelt letter of appreciation written by you or your child. Of course, a photo isn't required, but for an extra special touch, create a custom card.

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Free comic book day (sibling photos week 16/52)

A few weeks ago it was Free Comic Book Day. Yes, this really is a thing. My husband had it marked in our calendar for months!

We headed over to our favorite local comic book store, Bergen Comics and got on line!

It was crowded, as in VERY crowded, so not really great for photos but I managed to leverage some window light while Jack was checking out the kids selection near the front.

And here they are checking out their loot.

Why I love photographing my kids

Over the years I have seen how much joy and energy photography brings to my family and my clients’ families.

I love photography, and I love my kids. Finding a way to bring the two together has helped me to pause, celebrate and enjoy the precious fleeting moments of childhood.

And because of photography I have treasured memories of this special, and short, time in our lives.

Of all the many reasons I love photographing my two sons, these are the top ten reasons I love photographing my kids (in no particular order).

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Celebrate yourself this Mother's Day through photography

Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration for some, but for others it can be bittersweet, perhaps because they have lost their own mother, or don’t have the relationship they wish to have with their mother, or their relationship with their own kids is strained, or they are disappointed with the celebrations that others plan.

Some long to be mothers. Others have lost a child.

Photography can be more than documentation. Photography can be expression, gratitude, celebration. Photography can even be therapy and self-care.

Here are five ways you can take matters into your own hands and celebrate yourself and those you care about this Mother’s Day–with lovely Mother’s Day photos.

1) Get in front of the camera

This idea may fill you with horror but open yourself up to the concept of loving yourself exactly as you are. You are enough. You do enough. You deserve to be loved and you can love yourself.

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Sibling photos week 15/52

I love myself some good light and some great treats! And Jack here is just so... Jack.

DSLR vs. iPhone: When to Use a DSLR Camera

In one of today's Top Picks on Mom365, I am talking about how to decide when it is time to take out your DSLR camera vs. your iPhone camera.

If you want to get deeper into telling the story of your child’s life through photography, there are times when it is absolutely worth using your DSLR instead of your iPhone.

But before we talk about when, let’s talk about the advantages of using a DSLR camera:

1) Higher quality photos

This doesn’t just mean higher resolution photos, but also photos with better focus, clarity, color, handling of light, detail etc.

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iPhone photo tips on Mom365

On Mom365, I've been talking about iPhone photos and how they can help you get more in the moment with your kids.

How to Catch the Moment Using Your iPhone Camera

For me, there is something absolutely magical that happens when my kids are in the flow, totally engrossed in the moment, and I’m just lucky to be along for the ride.

My iPhone camera helps me stay present and in the moment with them. I see more and feel more through the lens because I’m looking for the essence of the moment, the story I want to tell.

A moment that might just otherwise pass unnoticed becomes elevated both in experience and memory.

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Make Meaningful Memories on Your iPhone

It’s funny how photography can change the way you see and experience things. My life as a parent would be so different without photography.

Photography helps me see and to focus on moments that would otherwise slip by… the small everyday moments of joy and delight that make up a life.

I love my iPhone photos. Each photo that I edit and share is like a precious jewel to me in the crown of parenthood that, let’s face it, is not all sunshine and roses. I’m not saying enjoy every moment. But photographing my kids helps me to more fully experience, enjoy and focus on the daily moments that are worth savoring.

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Sharing favorite friends (sibling photos week 13/52)

When Liam was two, he watched the Cars movie for the first time, and thus began an obsession that lasted a good two years until we finally transitioned him into Superheroes, mostly for our own sanity as by then we could ALL recite the entirety of both movies, having watched them what felt like at least a hundred times each!

Therefore, despite the insane amount of merchandise we own, we were a little reticent to introduce Jack to the Lightning McQueen phenomenon and he skipped right into Superheroes.

We revisited this decision recently though as the constant Superhero fighting is wearing us a little thin. We dusted off the old DVDs... well actually we couldn't even find them so, to add insult to injury, we had to rent them on Amazon Prime, but it has actually been quite adorable to see Liam get reacquainted with old friends while introducing them to Jack who is happily "kachowing" all over the place now.

What is truly hilarious is seeing Jack's slowly dawning realization that our house is covered with Cars stuff that he just hadn't noticed before and we had all stopped seeing. Lightning and his friends are EVERYWHERE!

The other day, I took the boys to Pratt and some of our Cars friends came with us. The last time Liam played with Lightning McQueen, Jack was a baby. Now that baby has grown into a friend to share obsessions with.