About the Photosanity 7 Day Challenge Private Facebook Group

To join the private Facebook group, fill out the intake survey and you will get an invitation via email to join the private Facebook group.

A. About sharing in the Facebook group

1) Comment on other people's photos

Before you post your challenge photo, we ask that you comment on the last three photos posted. 

Provide support and encouragement by commenting on something you like about the photo or the moment captured. Be specific - don't just say "great photo", say something like "I love your daughter's expression in this photo!"

If you have any helpful suggestions, particularly ones based on suggestions given in the challenge, please give them.

2) Post your photo - and give us some details

Post your favorite photo of the day for the day one challenge in the comments to this post. It will be helpful to you as well as us if you don't just post your photo, but also share some observations or feelings about the day's challenge and the moment you captured. 

What was the feeling you were trying to capture? How did you feel about the result?

Try to post on the day of the challenge, but if you fall behind, don't worry, you can always catch up later and complete the challenge at your own pace.

B. About the challenge threads

To make it easy to for everyone to follow along, please post your photo for the challenge in the thread for that challenge. Feel free to start your own post with questions or other photos you want to share but please be considerate and don't spam the group with a ton of photos - keep it to no more than 3 or 4 per day, and only one in the challenge thread.

C. Navigating the Facebook group

For your convenience, each challenge post contains links to all the other challenges so you can find your way around.

All the links are also in a pinned post at the top of the group so you can always find what you need. If you are on your smartphone, it can be easy to miss the pinned post so look out for it!

Here are links to all the challenge threads:

D. Notifications

You may see your own posts, as well as others to this group, appear on your newsfeed but know that this group is completely private and only other members in the group can see your posts to the group.

Also, you can adjust your FB notifications as follows:

Adjust notifications on your phone (click to enlarge)

On your phone: click on the “info” button beneath the bottom right hand corner of the cover photo and select “notification settings”.

On your desktop: click on the “notifications” button at the bottom right hand corner of the cover photo.

I recommend that you select “highlights” or “friends’ posts” so you are not inundated with notifications. Feel free to friend me so you don’t miss my posts in the group.

Adjust notifications on your desktop (click to enlarge)

Once you post in a thread, you will receive notification of further comments on that post but you can always turn off notifications for a particular post by clicking on the down arrow at the top right of the post (same on both phone and desktop).

And if you are getting emails with each notification, adjust your email notification settings by clicking on the down arrow in the very top right hand corner of your desktop FB screen and selecting Settings/Notifications and you can make adjustments under Email.

Adjust email notifications on your desktop