Lesson 3: Back up your photos

One afternoon last year I was standing on a busy street in Manhattan in the middle of the day writing an email on my phone when my phone got stolen right out of my hands. Someone snatched it and ran. 

After the disbelief sank in, sure I was shaken up, but I had absolute peace of mind because I knew that everything on my phone, including all my photos, was backed up. The only thing I lost that wasn’t replaceable was a rather complicated email I had been in the middle of writing! (I know, people joked with me afterwards that I should have yelled after the thief, “Just hit send!”)

On the contrary, I’ve had friends who have literally been in tears of panic because they left their phone on the bus and literally every single photo they ever took of their child was on that phone and nowhere else.

Please, please, please do not let that be you. 

I don't want you to get that sinking feeling...

I don't want you to get that sinking feeling...

When your phone is backed up, you will be less stressed out knowing that your photos and memories are protected no matter what happens.

Besides which, if you are backed up, it is all the easier to delete photos off your phone to free up storage.  Avoid having to frantically delete photos off your phone to free up space to capture an all important moment that is coming up!

Put this into action:

  • Make sure your phone, including your photos, is getting automatically backed up!
  • Make sure you have storage available on your phone to take plenty of new photos this month!
This is how I want you to feel!

This is how I want you to feel!

For information on backing up your photos, do a google search, or post in the Facebook group if you run into any problems figuring out what to do.

You can also read my blog post over at Mom365 about protecting your iPhone if it gets lost or stolen. Yes, I turned my iPhone theft into a blog post opportunity! I include some suggestions on backing up as well as other strategies for protection.

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