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Think of the next 30 days as your jumpstart to achieving your goals as a parent through photographing your kids.

As the course unfolds, this page will be updated with links to everything that you will need, including all the daily lessons. At the end of the course you’ll receive everything in a beautiful PDF for easy reference in the future.

The lessons

Starting on Wednesday, August 31st, you'll receive an email each evening at around 9pm eastern with a link to the next day's lesson.

There are 30 short lessons, corresponding to the calendar date, and they are grouped by a weekly theme, so you are not tackling an entirely new topic each day.  You can follow along daily, catch up every few days, or wait until the weekend. 

Make sure you read the welcome page here (includes all the details about the course and the photo-a-day project)

Introduction: Integrate Daily Habits

This week’s lessons are all about being prepared and integrating daily photo habits into your life. This sets you up so you can capture the moment and find joy and connection with the consistency that you crave.

I know you are busy, but when you create daily habits and set yourself up for success, photography doesn’t have to feel so much like something you have to struggle to make time for.  Instead, you will find yourself naturally integrating it into your life in small, manageable increments.

Week 1: Change the experience

This week we are going to change the experience of photographing our kids - both for ourselves and for our families.

In the 7 day challenge, we talked about focusing on how it feels, not how it looks, and this week we’ll take that concept further as we think more intentionally about what it is we want as parents and how photographing our kids can support that vision.

In doing so we can be more present, connect with our kids, and find joy daily.

Week 2: Heighten your awareness

This week we are going to heighten our awareness of the visual components of a photo so that we can better focus on and capture how it feels, not how it looks.

That may sound counterintuitive or contradictory - we’re going to focus on how a photo looks so that we are not focusing on how it looks??!

Let me explain. In encouraging you to focus on how it feels, not how it looks, I don’t mean that you should not think about how a photo looks at all. 

What I do want you to do is to prioritize how it feels, and to increase your awareness of how a photo looks in service to how it feels.

Use your heightened visual awareness of what creates a good photo to be more present and better capture how a moment feels.

And have fun with it. I absolutely LOVE playing around with light and composition in my photos in order to better tell the story of our family’s life, and your smartphone gives you a ton of versatility for experimentation without getting bogged down too much in the technical aspects. However, all these tips apply equally to your DSLR as well.

Week 3: Find validation and gratitude

This week we are going to explore how we can find validation and gratitude through our photos -  specifically through reviewing, editing and sharing our photos.

I know I talk a lot about using your camera to be more present and in the moment, and all that is true, but I also know that as a parent, sometimes the moments are so chaotic and crazy that they can actually be appreciated even more if bottled up and taken out again to enjoy at your leisure after the fact (preferably when the kids are asleep)!

This is exactly what I use my photos for! At the end of the day, when the kids are finally in bed, I love to plop myself down on the sofa and take a look at my photos from the day or from a recent shoot and take my time to revisit and enjoy those moments in a way that may not have been completely possible at the time.

Whether it was a bad day, a good day, or something in between, I find so much validation and gratitude through this process of reviewing, selecting, editing and sharing my photos.

Think of your camera roll as a treasure trove of gems just waiting to be uncovered. Some photos you know are keepers the moment you take them. Others may be disappointing initially, but if they are emotionally good, many of the technical shortcomings can be salvaged or transformed through editing.

Either way, we are going to create a process for you that will:

  • help you see that your kids are self-confident and happy
  • give you confidence that you are doing a good job as a parent, and
  • allow you to naturally create more time for yourself while still doing something that benefits your family.

Here are this week's lessons:

Week 4: Curate your story

It’s the final week of our 30 Day Jumpstart and it’s time to put together your “class project” for the month! I’ll take you through the steps and recommendations I have for making this an easy and enjoyable process that is applicable not just to your class project but to any photo project.

Note that in order to wrap up within 30 days, Thursday will be our action day and Friday will be our reflection day this week, but of course, feel free to extend into the weekend if you need to.

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